Mother's Day Caricatures

This was a very fun lesson to do, and can be done with all grades.  I wanted to do a Mother's Day project that was a bit more personal than drawing flowers. 


Watercolor paper
permanent markers

First, I made a teacher product, or sample project of my own to give them an idea.  For this caricature project I did a painting of me ...and my Mom. I showed it to them, and then I went over with them how we would make the project. First drawing with pencils, then outlining with permanent markers, then using some crayons for skin tone and small features, and then watercolor painting. Then I handed out the paper and pencils. As they followed my lead - I drew step by step on the dry erase board some basic caricature features, and I told them to think carefully about their own features and their Mom's, and try to draw those features. They struggled a bit with the hair, but I think they all turned out awesome. :)