Fun Tuesday

My son with his beautiful yellow dragon

Today I taught more dragon lessons and I had my son's 5th grade class and my other son's 3rd grade class.  They had a blast!  But then a 2nd grade class came in, and they only drew and colored with crayons because they only had 30 minutes.  The teacher saw the other painted dragons and she was jealous.  She wanted her class to paint too.  So, next week we'll make chameleons in a watercolor resist since her class will be studying camouflage animals.  We'll do this in two class periods.

I have thought of a cool idea for tomorrow's lessons.  I am going to have the students work with chalk pastels, making bright fish on black paper.  This will be the upper grades.  For the Kinders we will work with colored pencils instead since the pastels might be too messy.   I'll post some of the finished pieces here tomorrow.