Colorful Pastel Fish - Grades K-5

I was looking through the drawing books in the art room and saw this cool goldfish, and then thought it might be neat for the students to make these fish with bright pastels on black paper.  So, I made a sample and it did turn out awesome.  But I needed to improvise and use colored pencils for Kinders and 1st graders.  They are not quite ready for pastels.

Black paper
Pastels (or brightly colored pencils for K-1)
white crayons (for K-1)
Spray fixative

For the Kinders and first graders I handed out the black paper and white crayons.  Then they followed my lead (I was at the dry erase board) and made a football shape for the fish's body.  Then we created our fish, with a long flowing tail lots of cool patterns.  As they were creating their own adorable fish I handed out the colored pencils (bright colors) and they all shared the pencils as I put them on plates in the middle of the tables.  They carefully colored in their fish and they turned our marvelous.... and no mess!

I did the same thing for 2 - 5 graders but handed out pastels instead and made sure they used them very carefully and did not smear their artworks.  I had them draw their fish with their favorite pastel color, and then they colored it in and decorated with the other  pastels.  Huge hit!   Then I put some wet paper towels on their tables for them to wipe off their messy fingers.   I had them leave their artworks with me, and I sprayed fixative on them and then gave them to their teachers later.

Colorful Pastel Fish - Grade 2 Artists