Dragons - Watercolor/Crayon Resist - Grade 5

I had this idea to make watercolor resist dragons for grades K -5.  Wasn't sure how it was going to work out... super nervous.   Because it could be tricky.  I worked with 5th graders today.

But these kids were so amazingly talented.  Wow.  Little artistic maniacs.

Pencils for drawing (optional)
Cups of water for watercolors

First we drew the basic design of a dragon together, they followed my lead - I was drawing on the dry erase board at the front of the class while they drew on their papers.  I told them that their dragons did not need to look exactly like mine.  They could have longer necks, tails, scales, etc...  wings, fire, etc...

Well, they made some amazing dragons, like ones you see in storybooks.  I told them to put their dragons in a setting... like a city, or mountains, near the ocean, a castle... etc...

Then, I carefully explained to them how a "resist" works.  I did not want them to mess up their beautiful dragons.  A resist is when crayon is applied to the paper and then watercolor does not stick to the wax of the crayon and makes for a very cool effect. 

So, they traced over their pencil lines with crayons, using a heavy hand, because the more wax the better.   I told them to be colorful, and add patterns.  Then, I gave them the watercolors and they painted over the crayon marks and the rest of the paper.

 They all turned out so wonderful!   The teacher was excited too.  She took the paintings back to her room to dry and was so happy. 
Here are a few wonderful dragons...